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Thursday 25th October 2012 - Cape Town Deep

Wow, what a day out in the deep. We had some awesome tuna fishing in Cape Town on the 25th October 2012. Launching at 05:30 we were fishing by 07:30 25 miles past Cape Point. No wind, no swell and a Hake boat bringing up their nets.


We started by catching hake bycatch as bait, the best Fresh Bait for Yellowfin tuna. The moved onto the hunting grounds. There were alot of boats out all looking for the first tuna of the season. We saw a couple boats running about 5 miles further out and so decided to follow.

After baiting for a while, Garth's rod went screaming with no harness on. 35 Minutes later he landed this beautiful 78kg Yellow Fin. A couple longfin 10-15kg's were caught on vertical jig and 1 blue shark of 50kgs.